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To be successful in a field, one should demonstrate interest and aptitudes relevant to it. I will use personal experiences to illustrate my point. My sister and I both share a passion for fashion. Nevertheless, we are completely different. While she’s artistic and idealist, I am more pragmatic and business oriented. Combining our skill sets, we came with the idea of launching our own brand. She would be the designer and face of the brand; I would be behind the scenes and taking care of the business aspect. Like a puzzle, you need different pieces to complete this unique frame. Separately, it would be challenging to execute, but the association of our profiles makes the project viable. Do what you love and love what you do: 2 different visions, one common objective. I have always been interested in public relations, advertising and brand management. The ability a company shows to attract customers’ attention, push them to purchase and retain their attention is amazing to me. What makes one company stand out? What do they do to differentiate themselves from the competition? What is their strategy? What are their means and limits to reach their objectives? I was always interested in the background process more than anything else.

Being now more aware of the process, I totally envision myself evolving in this career path. The market is constantly evolving, the business as well. While traditional marketing still remains the main artery, social marketing is exponentially growing. I like the challenge and the flexibility that brand managing presents. Rather than being reactive, proactivity is the key factor. Always being on top on what is happening. A brand manager is a professional that focuses on publicizing and increasing awareness of a particular brand, Their responsibilities easily range from supervising teams to creating advertising campaigns and branding efforts or even monitoring brand quality, monitor customers’ feedback and as well as the public’s response to new products and brand initiatives. Building and managing a brand is a serious task as it makes or breaks a company. The objective is to put together strategies that will reach an audience constantly evolving, structure the customer engagement plans, as well as developing a brand identity. The goal is to keep growing our audience and customer base by adapting the changing environment and aptitude to face new challenges. It represents a lot more than simply selling a product; it consists of bringing the company and customers together to form this unity. Marketing nowadays is however, completely different. As previously mentioned, not only does a significant part is executed online but also globally. Brands don’t settle for local targets anymore. The objective is to become a global success. How is that affecting the brand manager’s duties?

Global marketing means different target markets. A strategy and campaign can’t be applied just anywhere as it will only fail. It is necessary to adapt to each segments’ wants and needs in order to design the perfect and unique strategy. If the customers cannot identify with our message, then the project will undoubtedly result into a failure. Fashion being my topic, I can give you a concrete example. One of the latest trends has been crop tops. An ad campaign promoting this type of garment would probably be a hit in “westernized” countries and lead to numerous sales, whereas it would be considered inappropriate in countries where strict rules regarding women’s appearance are enforced. Showing so much skin can be either a common and accepted practice in some cultures, while being severely punished and offensive in others. Our brand may be present in both locations, but our approach to each one of them must remain different and customized to their specifics. Therefore, I would work towards becoming a Brand manager in the fashion industry for a multinational company in order to practice my passion. “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”